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FARMVILLE2 - Crafting kiln

Written By The Red [v] on Senin, 25 Maret 2013 | 09.52

FarmVille 2 Players were wondering the usage of Pigs and Mud in their Farms. To their surprise FarmVille 2 is going to launch a new building very soon where players can Craft all new range of items require Mud. There was already so much to earn FarmVille 2 coins, so FarmVille 2 Studio has decided to give something to earn extra XP. With new Crafting Kiln, FarmVille 2 players have opportunity to double the XP reward on crafting goods from Crafting kiln. Following is FarmVille 2 Cheats Code and process of this FarmVille 2 Cheats to get Crafting Kiln in your Farm.
  • Set value type as ‘String’
  • New Scan for: e_deco_bucket_wood (Stave Bucket in decoration)
  • Select all addresses and change value to: e_building_kiln_l1
  • Buy Stave Bucket from Decoration. Place it in your FarmVille 2 Farm. Visit any neighbor and return without doing any task.
A meter gauge is attached with Crafting kiln having three levels, which keep record of XP gained by crafting items from Crafting Kiln. Reaching each level will earn your free XP, power and other crafting items.
More Items you create in Crafting Kiln, more frequent you have the opportunity to double your XP.
I am sure Crafting energy is going to be very scarce in FarmVille 2 now. Following is the sneak Peak of Items that can be crafted in Crafting Kiln.
Exact date for release of Crafting Kiln is not yet known but it certainly is going to launch before Third Week of Pig Season as it seems few tasks of Third Week of Pigs Season need Farmville 2 Crafting Kiln.

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